Now that you have seen some awesome real estate blog ideas, here’s a list of topics

Easy Agent Pro’s list of 40 real estate blog topic ideas:

  1. Discuss the top misconceptions of buyers
  2. Discuss the top mistakes FSBO’s make
  3. Create a slideshow on slideshare of the most expensive homes
  4. List the best apps to use while searching for homes
  5. Create lists of the top things to do nearby
  6. Explain special considerations for selling houses with animals
  7. Talk about how to sell a home while living with children
  8. Make a list of famous people who live in the area
  9. Shoot video of local schools
  10. Interview teachers and principals at those local schools
  11. Write the top 10 online marketing tactics you use to sell homes
  12. Write the top 10 reasons you’re helpful to buyers in a low housing market
  13. Make a list of the top myths about real estate
  14. Make a list of the top restaurants nearby
  15. Make blogs specifically for any large company that relocates a lot of people
  16. Create checklists for selling
  17. Create a checklist for buyers
  18. Create a checklist for renters
  19. List the most expensive homes in the market area with images
  20. Create videos of all the local neighborhoods
  21. Release a market report monthly
  22. Compare your market report to the national one
  23. Inform home owners how much the value of their home has gone up
  24. Do a roundup post of all the local blogs that cover things going on
  25. Keep a post or page that you update weekly with local events
  26. Create the guide to choosing a local school district
  27. Make a list of all the Twitter accounts of the local politcians
  28. Explain financing to buyers
  29. Explain the selling process to buyers
  30. Breakdown something that can typically go wrong during the selling process
  31. Make a list of the biggest/best agents in town
  32. Write reviews of Realtor conferences
  33. Write reviews of real estate products
  34. Write real estate marketing articles and explain how they’ll help your sellers
  35. Write about the best waterfront properties
  36. Write about the best neighborhoods for dog owners
  37. Explain why you love living in your town
  38. Explain the difference between you and 6 of your competing brokerages. Focus on the concrete differences
  39. Highlight top real estate photography tips
  40. Create short videos of you introducing your team

Here’s the thing:

These real estate blog ideas are just a starting point for you.  A blog can be one of the more effective marketing tools in a real estate agents toolbox.  It can help you get ranked on Googleconvert more leads, and see dramatic profits.

The thing is…you have to stay at it!

Blogging generates leads and success over time. These real estate blog ideas are a good way to start slowly getting discovered more online!

For example, a recent LeadSites customer just had a website visitor find her on social media. They read a few of her blog posts. And then contacted her to buy a house.  She made $8,000-$10,000 simply by having a few helpful blog articles on her website.

This is not a rarity!

In the new age of technology, agents need to be helpful in-person and online!

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