Great Real Estate Blog Ideas and Topics:

1) Blog Posts For Sellers:

Seller blogging for real estate

Lynn Pineda from Imagine Your House wrote an article for sellers called: “20 Cold Hard Facts In Real Estate Home Selling”.  This article has been shared over 1,000 times already on the web.

If you read it, you’ll find out some awesome tips that almost any seller would enjoy knowing before buying a home.  Articles like this are great for getting more seller leads and convincing clients to choose you during your listing appointments.

This is a great article! Be sure to read it before writing your next post for sellers.

Here are some real estate blog post ideas based on this post:

1) Who Else Wants To Sell Their Home For More?

blogging ideas for realtors

2) The Secret of Selling Your Home For 15% More In Dallas, TX

3) Here’s the Method That Is Helping My Listings Sell 2 Times Faster Than Market Average

4) Little Known Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More Top Dollar

5) Here’s A Quick Way To Increase Your Homes Valuation Through DIY Projects

6) What Everyone Ought To Know About Choosing A Listing Agent

7) The Right Way To List And Sell Your Home In Austin, Texas

Obviously, if those stats aren’t true, don’t write the post.  You can adjust the stats and headlines to fit what is true in your area and why buyers/sellers should list with you.  These seven ideas should keep you busy when writing posts for sellers.

I typically recommend you shoot for around 750-1,500 words per post.  If you’re looking to get maximum benefit from social media, shoot for 750. If you’re looking at SEO results, aim for 1,500 words.

yelp for realtors

Finally, don’t stuff these posts with keywords.  Google’s smart.  A 1% keyword ratio is really enough to get the job done. You don’t need more than that.

2) Blog Posts For Buyers:

blogger for real estate list of items

Shanne Sleder from San Diego Mortgage News wrote a post called 50 Home Buying Tips. This in-depth article just isn’t Shanne’s opinion either. He took the time to gather quotes from other people and compiled them into a blog post.  This post has been shared over 400 times and is a great resource for anyone looking to buy real estate.

This type of resource can really attract buyers to you. You can easily share this type of informative post with social media groups in your community and get tons of traffic back to your website.

Here are several other Real Estate Blog Ideas for those looking to write articles for buyers:

1) To People That Want To Buy Their First Home But Don’t Know Where To Start

2) How To Buy Your Home In Austin, Texas Without Over Paying

3) Little Known Secrets To Buying A Home In Austin, Texas

4) The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Near San Diego


5) What You’ve Got To Know About Buying A Home In 2015

6) 7 Ways To Save Money When Buying Your Next Home

7) 10 Home Buying Tips For San Diego

These posts should help you get more traction with home buyers. Be sure to offer a cheatsheet or ebook on your website for these visitors.  This will increase your optin percentage and provide additional value to the people who visit your website.

3) Community Reviews:

interview with real estate blogger

Community reviews are important when looking to farm certain neighborhoods. Focus on creating as many reviews of local attractions as possible.  Sell A Metro Home with Kristyn Grewell does this really well!  Her “Local Flavor” section breaks down parks, neighborhoods, and restaurants.

Here are several things to review in your community:

1) All the local parks

2) Interview local school teachers

3) Review new restaurants

download (10)

4) Review demographic neighborhoods where huge companies are located. This will help people who move to the area for the company relocate

5) Review local activities

6) Partner with the local news station and provide quality information to them combining all your findings after writing 1-5

Here’s an interview I did with Kristyn about her local blogging, you should get several real estate blog ideas out of it:

Keep this in mind:

If you create community pages, make sure they relate to your real estate farming areas. Whether you are sending postcards, letters, or door knocking in these areas, you’ll want to focus on the same communities online. This will create an echo effect for your business.  Farming real estate is all about consistency in your messaging.  If you are the Realtor they are always finding, you’ll have no problem generating business in that area.

4) Market Reports

andrew realtor interview about blogging

Market reports are awesome for potential real estate clients. They really prove that you know what you’re doing.  There is no one better at this than Andrew from Great Colorado Homes.  He creates infographics with market reports monthly.  These infographics are great ways share this type of information.

Here are several real estate blog ideas around market reports:

1) MONTH YEAR Real Estate Market Report For Austin Texas


2) What The Real Estate Market Is Doing Today And How It Impacts Your House

3) Little Known Facts About Austin’s Current Real Estate Market

4) 10 Facts About The Current Local Real Estate Market And Why You Should Sell

5) 31 Reasons To Sell Your Austin House Now Based On Local Market Trends

6) The Myth Behind Local Mortgage Rates

The key here is making the data digestible. There is a reason people don’t read all those reports. They are boring! Be sure to use an appealing title or graphics to make the information interesting.

5) Real Estate Blog Ideas About Pricing


Kyle & Keith Hiscock at Rochester Real Estate Blog wrote this post called: “Real Estate Pricing Mistakes That Seller’s Need To Avoid“.  The post already has close to 500 shares and is very popular. It breaks down the top things to avoid when pricing your home.

The key thing here is that it’s easier to convince a seller to adjust their price when you have a written document online justifying your view point.

These articles are great for getting more listings and for prepping your potential clients with your viewpoint on pricing.

Here are some great real estate blog ideas for you to try out in this category:

1) Sure-Fire Ways To Price Your House To Sell ASAP

2) 10 Steps Towards Finding The Perfect Price For Your Home


3) Avoid Market Stagnation At All Costs! What You Need To Know When It Comes To Pricing

4) The Complete Guide To Pricing Homes In Austin, Texas

5) The Secret Of Pricing Homes In San Diego’s Current Market

6) What Buyers Don’t Know About How You Price Your Home

These titles should lure sellers in and give them valuable information about pricing their home. I guarantee if you help them in this post, they are more likely to list with you than anyone else.

6) Blog Posts About Mortgage And Financing

Bill Gassett of Max Real Estate Exposure recently wrote a post about “The Top 10 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid.” These tips are awesome and I didn’t even know about half of them before reading the article.  This type of article is a great piece to help your buyers! It will attract more buyers to your business.

Here are several mortgage and financing based blog ideas:


1) What You Need To Know About Student Loan Debt When Buying Homes In Austin

2) Here is a method that is helping home buyers get their mortgages approved with lower rates

3) The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Being Denied Your Mortgage

4) Little Known Ways To Get Approved For A Lower Interest Mortgage In San Diego

5) Read This Before Submitting Your Mortgage Application

7) Hyper-Local Neighborhood Tours

Finally, all Realtors should be farming a geographic region.  There is no better way to do this than through Youtube videos and blog posts.  My strategy for this is to setup a section of your website just for your farm area.  Then create Youtube videos like I show you here.  You’ll want to create at least 20 Youtube videos per geographic farm region.  It’ll also help if you can get these videos to have over 100 plays on Youtube.

Sound hard? It’s not too bad. Just email all the videos to neighbors in the area…You’ll get a high percentage of these people to watch the videos simply because there isn’t much information online about their location.

Once you hit 100 views, you’ll see a great increase in the SEO for your videos and the blogs you have these videos on!

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