25 Best Real Estate Blog Ideas & Examples for 2018

Generating timely, informative, and engaging real estate blog ideas is one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads online. To get an inside perspective for the best real estate blog post ideas of 2018, we talked to 25 professionals to see what their most successful ideas have been that have stood the test of time.

Here are the top 25 real estate blog ideas and examples, according to the pros.

Kristie K. Forsman real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

1. Target the Largest Share of Home Buyers—Millennials

Kristie K. Forsman, Director of Digital Marketing & PR, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Example Blog Post: “Ready to Buy a Home? Consider these 5 Things First”

“According to Zillow, nine out of ten millennial home buyers use the internet to educate themselves about the home buying process, and 60 percent read online reviews before choosing an agent. So, as a local professional, it’s critical that you’re creating and distributing reliable content. That’s the key to growing your millennial clientele.”

Consider topics like beginners guides to home buying. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) research department, as of 2018, millennials are the largest share of home buyers at 36 percent, with 65 percent of those also being first-time home buyers. Consider posting teasers and links to your blog content on Instagram, where 59 percent of millennials are active users. See our specialty guide to Instagram for realtors to learn more about Instagram and how to use it to capture millennials.

Pat Chadwick real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

2. Share Local Activities for Kids to Entice Young Parents

Pat Chadwick, Freelance Writer, Chadwickcontent.com
Example Blog Post: “Seven Simple Summer Activities for Kids in Jackson Hole”

“Many homebuyers are young parents considering a move to a new area. A blog post on the best local activities for their children can place you in front of these buyers as they research the region’s ‘kid-friendliness,’ and it will help position you as a connected expert in the community.”

zillow real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

3. Include Interesting Data or Trends

Example Blog Post: “Homes “Earn” Minimum Wage or More in Almost Half the Nation’s Largest Cities”

Zillow has over 160 million users a month and an incredible amount of information that is interesting, surprising, and incredibly shareable. When you find statistics like the article above, incorporate it into your blog and share it on social media. Can you imagine your home “earning” a minimum wage? That’s a very cool fact that might inspire some locals to take the plunge into home ownership, and position you as the expert on top of the trends.

While blog posts admittedly take time to rank on Google, be sure to use Zillow’s Premier Agent to start getting leads immediately.

Malcolm Lawson real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

4. Discuss Local Regulations That Might Affect Buyers or Sellers

Malcolm Lawson, Maryland Realtor
Example Blog Post: “4 Facts About Maryland Waterfront Homes You Need to Know Before Buying!”

“These types of state-specific regulations are the type of subject matter that large national real estate blogs featured on Zillow and Homes.com simply don’t have the resources or knowledge to write about. This leaves the door wide open for local Real Estate Agents to capitalize on these state-specific or even county-specific keywords as well as build credibility with their clients.”

Real estate blog ideas that center around local regulations establish you as a local expert and a source of reliable information in the community. Real estate posts on topics like local building code changes, livestock or pet restrictions, or parking rules can often inspire people to return to your blog—particularly when some of these issues become heavily contested in the community.

JD Esajian real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

5. Share Fix-and-Flip Advice

JD Esajian, Real Estate Investor
Example Blog Post: “Hidden Rehab Fees You Need to Look Out For”

Real estate investing is hot right now, so consider it for your arsenal of great real estate blog ideas next time you’re stuck on what to write about. With the advent of HGTV fix-and-flip shows, everyone seems to at least have an interest in what it takes to clean house with a nice profit.

While not everyone is cut out for it, real estate investing, especially flipping houses, requires professional advice and a savvy realtor. While we offer a complete guide to flipping houses, consider including fix-and-flip advice in your real estate blog posts as well to draw an entirely new type of clientele and some great leads.

Cody Sperber real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

6. Switch It Up! Post on Other Platforms to Drive Traffic

Cody Sperber, Real Estate Investor
Example Blog Post: “The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Real Estate Investing”

While you’re developing your own real estate blog audience, why not tap into an audience that already exists and steer them in your direction? Sperber’s recent post on LinkedIn gives great information and directs the reader to his blog for more.

Posting great real estate blog ideas on other platforms is a smart, savvy idea that helps to develop an audience and draw them into your area of expertise.

Ron Rothenberg real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

7. Give Insight on How Breaking News Relates to Your Market

Ron Rothenberg, Lafayette, CA Realtor
Example Blog Post: “What Brexit Might Mean for Lafayette Real Estate”

Whenever a big news story breaks, people inevitably ask one question. How will this affect me and my family? Using big news stories about how interest rate hikes, crime rates, elections, or other news affects your local market can be extremely helpful ideas for your real estate blog.

Feel free to also pitch your perspective and post to the local paper! You never know when you’ll get picked up, and it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. Here are some tips to get local media coverage that might take your blog post even further.

Jordan Scheltgen real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

8. Give Insider Tips on the Best Local Hot Spots

Jordan Scheltgen, Managing Partner, Cave Social
Example Blog Post: “15 Restaurants in Tampa You Need to Try This Weekend”

“Realize you’re not selling the home, you’re selling the experiences the person is going to have in that home…like their kid growing up, the new neighbors, the surrounding community, etc. One easy way to do this is to piggyback on another company’s following. Specifically, I would write a blog post on the best places to eat in my county, because big surprise—people who eat also buy homes.”

After writing the blog post like the one above, Scheltgen recommends that you contact every company you mention. He finds that about 50 percent of the companies then share your article on their social channel, giving you more exposure!

If you’d like more tips on how to get your real estate blog posts noticed, we have an in-depth guide on how to get your blog posts ranked on Google.

Seth Lejeune real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

9. Home Staging Tips That Are Both Informative and Interesting

Seth Lejeune, Pennsylvania Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Trends to Get Rid Of”

“Posts about home staging have two qualities that most blog posts should have: informative and interesting. This post is “informative” in that it gives useful knowledge that could literally save sellers thousands of dollars, since appearance and impressions are important in real estate. It also taps the ‘interesting’ side the same way that Pinterest and HGTV do, piquing the interests of homeowners and those who are interested in interior design. It’s a true win-win topic for real estate bloggers.”

Anita Clark real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

10. Offer Expert Guidance on Home Renovations

Anita Clark, Warners Robin Real Estate
Example Blog Post: “How to Create a Renovation Budget”

If there’s one thing homeowners always need expert guidance on, it’s how to plan and execute home renovations to positively affect the value of their home. Providing data or your expert opinion on what your buyers are looking for can be invaluable information for them.

Home renovations, and even staging articles, can really capture an audience that yearns for professional direction and information. For example, our article on Home Staging in 10 Steps gives practical advice that anyone could use to improve their home’s appearance and get top dollar for the sale.

Stephanie Sharp real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

11. Share the History of Your Neighborhood

Stephanie Sharp, Marketing/PR Manager, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty
Example Blog Post: “Explore Historic Neighborhoods in Asheville”

“One strategy that we employee in blog posting is to think about a market sector that we are strong in and that people may search for on the internet, then create content around these phrases. For example, as a boutique real estate firm in the hot market of Asheville, North Carolina, we find through long tail keyword research that “historic homes in Asheville” is a topic that is both popular to our potential clients and a specialization of ours.”

Sharp explained that writing about historic neighborhoods allows the firm to both provide valuable information to interested readers and has additional value when they can connect that post to specific listings in their local historic neighborhoods. Smart!

Gavin Grant real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

12. Target a Specific Interest

Gavin Grant, San Diego Realtor
Example Blog Post: “The Right Way to Assess Land Before Buying and Building on It.”

Let’s face it. Every Realtor in town has a post (or ten) about how to buy or sell a house. Instead of trying to stand out as a needle in a needle stack, why not target something more specific? San Diego Realtor Gavin Grant has excellent and very informative posts about buying vacant parcels of land on his blog.

Grace Keister real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

13. Post Regularly on Mortgage Rates or Other Changing Items

Grace Keister, Web Content and Social Media Marketer, First Team Real Estate
Example Blog Post: “Weekly Mortgage Watch – April 8, 2018”

Getting leads to visit your site is good, but getting them to come back again and again is amazing. One great way to keep them coming back is to provide weekly roundup posts containing useful information like mortgage updates, recent sales, or other market metrics.

These weekly posts can be good for a number of potential clients, such as home buyers, investors, or even those thinking about relocating. Repeat readers who see you as an authority are a win-win.

Rebecca Williamson real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

14. Post Customized Relocation Guides

Rebecca Williamson, Austin Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Step-by-Step Guide to Relocating to Austin”

For most people, uprooting their families and moving to a brand new place is an exciting, but stressful experience. Like any big life change, online research—and lots of it—is usually their first step. Make your resource something they happen to stumble upon in their search.

If you are looking for real estate blog ideas, posts on common relocation issues in your area or advice on relocating to your area are a surefire crowd-pleaser for people thinking about becoming a member of your community. Give useful advice, and potential clients will see you as a resource.

Marty Snyder real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

15. Answer Common Real Estate Questions

Marty Snyder, Ohio Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Buying New Homes vs Old Homes”

Most people on the market for a home have wondered why some prefer old homes and others prefer newer homes. Usually clients fall on one side or the other in this argument, but might be curious to know why others might have a different preference.

When you engage home buyers on common curiosities they have, you have the opportunity to sell. Snyder takes the opportunity in the blog post above to talk about the benefits of the types of homes in his market as well as to link to them from his post.

Homeowners and home buyers today have a number of interests from HGTV and other real estate shows. For example, our article on How to Make Money Flipping Houses often attracts readers who have watched those shows and want the nuts and bolts of how to make it happen.

Andrew Fortune real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

16. Create Useful Checklists

Andrew Fortune, Colorado Realtor
Example Blog Post: “How to Prepare for a Home Inspection When Selling Your House”

Since selling a home on your own can be overwhelming, seller’s checklists are a great real estate blog idea to target FSBOs. Checklists are also great because unlike a long-winded article, your readers get something they can actually download and use (with your name on it, of course).

When looking at real estate blog ideas, seller checklists are just the tip of the content iceberg. You can do buyer checklists, moving checklists, listing your home checklists, home renovation checklists, or even checklists on choosing the right realtor. Offer them something they can use and carry around, with your logo and information prominently displayed. We even offer a rental inspection walk-through checklist! Give value to your readers.

Steve Crossland real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

17. Speak to Your Readers Directly

Steve Crossland, Austin Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Your Austin Real Estate and Wealth Building”

A lot of realtors get so caught up in their “value add” or “evergreen content” that they forget that real estate is an ever changing and evolving asset. Homeowners want to stay informed and new residents want to know what’s happening with their biggest asset. Having content that speaks to them keeps them connected to you for future services.

Max Fitzgerald real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

18. Make Your Neighborhood Look Good

Max Fitzgerald, Manhattan Pacific Realty
Example Blog Post: South Bay Record Breaking Home Sale…Not Where You Think!

Writing about hot or hard to find properties in your local market will always get you clicks. If you can provide readers with valuable information or market predictions on those listings, then you’ll get even more.

Fitzgerald explains, “In today’s digital age of marketing, one of the most effective strategies that we’ve deployed to date for lead generation and client engagement has been our real estate blog. Our blog is centric towards the few cities where our agents conduct the most business, and is primarily used as an educational tool for prospective buyers and sellers.”

Teresa Boardman real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

19. Unleash Your Inner Real Estate Nerd

Teresa Boardman, St Paul Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Home Sales and Prices by St. Paul Neighborhood”

While “how to buy a house” guides are a dime a dozen, some leads will be looking for the deep dive. If you have the market expertise, what better way to show it off than to write about it on your blog?

In this post from April 2018, Boardman certainly takes a deep dive into specifics and gives potential buyers and sellers the information they’re looking for. A homeowner might be more inclined to sell if they see the numbers behind it, and a homebuyer might feel like it’s just the right time to buy. In the world of real estate blog ideas, as in much of life, being a nerd pays off.

Kerry Ann Sullivan real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

20. Highlight Local Charities

Kerry Ann Sullivan, Los Angeles Realtor
Example Blog Post: “The 4th Annual Culver City Healthy Family 5K Run/Walk This Weekend”

There’s more to your life than selling real estate, and you want to show that you’re not only wonderful at your job but that you care about the community you are a part of. This blog post highlights the local events happening in the community, and if you look through the blog, you’ll find plenty of other events spanning back years.

Amplifying a social good in your community is always a good way of generating real estate blog post ideas. Talk about local charities you’ve volunteered for or local charities whose mission you support and might need a shout-out. The only caveat is to keep the focus on the charity, not on how great you are for volunteering.

Ryan Fitzgerald real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

21. Post “Worst of” Lists Instead of “Best of” Lists

Ryan Fitzgerald, North Carolina Realtor
Example Blog Post: 5 WORST Home Renovations

This real estate blog idea strategy stands the test of time. After researching for more than a few minutes, chances are your readers are going to see a million and one “best of” lists. Ten Best Curb Appeal Ideas, 5 Best Restaurants in Dayton, Ohio, etc. To help stand out and maybe satisfy someone’s morbid curiosity, try making a “worst of” list.

Austin Fernald real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

22. Post Local Market Studies

Austin Fernald, Founder, REALVALS
Example Blog Post: “The Elliman Report Quarterly Survey of Co-Op and Condo Sales”

Interested in Q1 sales in Manhattan in 2018? The report above will show you it. For savvy homeowners and potential customers, market studies can be a great tool.

“Market studies are a great way to show potential customers that the market is healthy, prices are increasing (hopefully), and that it is a great time to buy/sell. They can also show that the agent is a credible source of real estate knowledge in the area and if done consistently, can lead to more business. It makes the homeowners think that these agents are the ones to turn to when it’s time to sell because they know their stuff and are helping out by contributing their knowledge to them.”

Phil Hoover real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

23. Give Advice on How to Find and Vet Agents

Phil Hoover, Idaho Real Estate Broker
Example Blog Post: Questions to Ask Before Listing Your Eagle Idaho Home

Homeowners may not know how to see past the pitches and choose a great agent. That makes posts about vetting listing agents extremely useful for homeowners. In giving out advice on what to look for, it showcases your own abilities and builds trust. Positioning yourself as reputable, knowledgeable, and honest creates reputation without having to yell it from the rooftops.

Jason Clark

24. Create interactive visual content to attract more customers

Jason Clark, Joomag
Example Blog Post: How to Win More Customers and Close More Real Estate Deals

In today’s digital age, it’s really important to enrich your blog post with visuals or interactive elements that would provide additional context to the message you want to deliver. Visuals, when done correctly, will enhance your brand and leave your reader with a lasting impression.

Kristin Baum real estate blog ideas - tips from the pros

25. Post About Your Hobbies and How They Tie in to Real Estate

Kristin Baum, Ohio Realtor
Example Blog Post: “Be a Playmaker”

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